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Mother’s day gift recipient….her story.

You will recall I decided to give away a very special photo shoot valued at $1400 in honour of Mother’s day. I didn’t just want to run any old give away (as much as all mums deserve a special treat),  I wanted it to be for someone extra deserving and doing it a little tougher than most.  I asked people to nominate someone they know or have heard of in their community who they believed was deserving. I’m so thankful for all the nominations. Every story touched my heart and really made me realise how tough some people do have it. It also made it very difficult to pick a deserving recipient (there were so many deserving). I enlisted the help of my assistant, Casana, to help me choose and we both chose the same person.

So further to my post a few weeks ago advising a truly deserving recipient had been selected, I would now like to announce her name and share a little bit of her story with you..

Deb’s story…
Deb, was the Mother who was chosen, her best friend had entered her into the competition unbeknownst to her as she wanted Deb to have something special to share with her 2 beautiful children. In 2010 Deb was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and underwent a full hysterectomy followed by an intense schedule of chemotherapy. During this terrible time, she was fully supported by her doting husband and able to endure all that she suffered with the strength and love from him and her children. In 2012 her husband suddenly passed away from a pulmonary embolism after collapsing at work. Even though the pain of this experience was beyond bearable, Deb was able to get herself and her children through it. In June last year Deb started having some medical problems and after some tests, was dealt with the devastating news that she had secondary cancer. She is currently undergoing treatment and is trying to provide the best life possible for her children. It was with this in mind that I selected Deb for my gift as I wanted to provide her and her children with the opportunity to share these pictures together and be reminded of how strong and inspirational Deb is.


Thank you Deb for letting us share a little of your story and I look forward to capturing some lovely images of you and your beautiful children.

Thank you once again to everyone for nominating your friends, family and mother’s in the community (some of whom you’ve never met).

Melissa x

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