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Do you want to safely exercise and regain strength and feel better during pregnancy, as well as after having a baby? All while taking into consideration your pelvic floor and the recovery of your separated abdominal muscles?

mums baby exercise pilates adelaide

Last week I met another local Adelaide business owner, Kat Warr, who does just this. She is a physiotherapist with a special interest in pre and post natal women and owns IvoryRose Physiotherapy for Her . IvoryRose run mums and bubs classes as well as pre-natal classes for pregnant women and their purpose is to provide a safe place for ladies to come along with their babies and work out while they are safely exercising and also pushing them to achieve maximum results.

This specialised care puts your mind at ease and allows you to stay active and continue regular exercise during pregnancy and also once baby arrives. The Pilates classes will help you keep healthy and strong during pregnancy as well as enable you to regain important strength and energy once baby arrives as you ease back into exercise.

Kat says “our classes combine a lot of strengthening exercises to get our bodies working. During pregnancy and after babies there are many muscles that women aren’t use to using which can be a leading cause for pain throughout their body. We try to strengthen these areas in order to prevent problems developing. We combine the use of the reformer with the mat and resistance training to hit all bases as well as some added cardio to boost those endorphins. Our classes are small and personalised with just four people in each session allowing us to really focus and take care of each individual.”

“It’s important that mums have this time for themselves, at least for a small portion of her day. We have created this safe place for our ladies to come with their little ones and work out in a way that makes them feel confident and nurtured, but equally pushed and challenged. Of course, to do this we need to ensure that babies are entertained so we have kitted out our space with a range of swings, mats, bouncers, activity gyms and even a ball pit. Sometimes, in desperate times, the instructors will even wear the babies in a carrier for mum, just to make sure she gets a solid workout in.”  How awesome is that! This truly is a one of a kind, personalised service for women in our community. Kat is lovely and is very passionate about ensuring women look after their bodies and know you CAN get back to ‘normal’ after babies and that we shouldn’t accept leaky pelvic floors are the norm just because you’ve had a baby.

There are 28 timeslots per week for these personalised exercises/Pilates classes, providing women with plenty of opportunity to fit some ‘me time’ into their week.

And don’t forget IvoryRose is a full physiotherapy service for women. As the body undergoes major changes around this time many of these changes can present challenges for women’s bodies. There are a variety of conditions, aches and pains during pregnancy (and after baby is born), that IvoryRose Physiotherapy can assist you with during this special time. Kat and her team have extensive training in the field of women’s health, pelvic floor and pre and post natal care.

IvoryRose Physiotherapy for Her is a unique Physiotherapy service designed by, and with a special interest in Women. Their focus is on assisting and supporting the female body throughout the various stages of life, working closely with General Practitioners, Surgeons and Womens’ Health Specialists to ensure the utmost care is provided.

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This is the perfect combination of self care and exercise to ensure your body will strengthen and cope with the changes of pregnancy and once baby arrives. It sounds like a perfect plan to me.

For more information contact Kat and her team:

Phone: 0401569209
email: info@ivoryrosephysio.com.au
104 The Parade, Norwood

mums baby exercise pilates adelaide

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I spend so much time talking to new mums, parents and parents to be and I LOVE hearing of great Adelaide businesses. I’ve made it my mission to find these and share them with you. Especially those I wish were around years ago. So the first one to share ….. a little place everyone should know about…

Every mama needs to know about Mama & Bump. I recently met up with the gorgeous Renee, owner of Mama & Bump. Mama & Bump specialise in pregnancy, postpartum and women’s massage therapy. She makes you feel so very welcome and has that lovely nurturing vibe about her. You’ll feel at ease knowing she is a qualified remedial massage therapist with specialist training in pregnancy and postnatal massage. So you are certainly in safe hands.

As a mum of three herself, Renee knows how amazing our bodies are and just what they go through during and after pregnancy and not to mention the changes and stresses we go through emotionally too. She focuses solely on pregnancy, post natal and women’s massage therapy (you don’t even have to be a mama or mama to be)

Renee will take the time to get to know you, your body, your health and how you are feeling to ensure you get most from your massage treatment

Not only can massage help reduce the stresses and just generally relax your mind and aching body it can also assist with a myriad of other ailments. Pregnancy in particular can cause a lot of stress on our hips and pelvis as well as the upper shoulder area. I know, myself, I suffered from symphysis pubis (separation of the pelvic bone) which required almost weekly treatments. Renee’s massage can also compliment any physio treatments you may be receiving and help that treatment program along. Renee explained that lymphatic drainage massage is another very effective treatment for, the all common, swelling suffered by many women during pregnancy.

Massage is really valuable and helps many women during IVF treatment. A lot of anxiety is built up for women, especially during certain phases of IVF treatment. She’s found many women use massage to assist in reducing the anxiety and stress associated with IVF.

There are many common questions asked about pregnancy massage – here’s a few things you may wish to know (see below):Adelaide mums pregnancy massage baby newborn


What are the benefits of pregnancy massage?
There are lots of benefits including: reducing stress and anxiety, relaxation and improved sleep, treats discomforts of pregnancy, decreases muscle tension, elevates mood, provides comforting and nutruing experience

When is the best time?
Pregnancy massages are suitable through the entire pregnancy

Can anybody provide massage for pregnant women?
No you need to ensure your therapist is specifically trained in pregnancy massage as they understand the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and what precautions need to be taken. A trained therapist will use appropriate and the safest techniques for pregnancy


Renee is tucked away in her cute little treatment rooms in the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide (Highbury) and also has a beautiful selection of items for mums and babies. I fell in love with so many of her products she has on display and really wished many of them were around during my pregnancy. So much so that I couldn’t’ resist purchasing at least something – I couldn’t resist the scrumptious handmade vegan…….soaps…….I’ve been using it every day since. So beautiful.

Melissa Alagich Photography pregnancy massage-6Melissa Alagich Photography pregnancy massage-11gifts for pregnant mums adelaidegifts for pregnant mums adelaide

So do yourself a favour, whether it’s a special treat or you would like regular treatments to look after yourself, head on over to Renee’s website to see more about her services and pregnancy massage. She has gift voucher’s available (hint hint dad’s to be!) or even just check out her online shop for a lovely selection of items for mums and bubs.

Mama & Bump offers private health rebates for remedial services (always check first and also check with your health insurance company about what you can claim)


To get in touch with Renee
0413 954 653
Shop 4, 999 Lower North East Road

adelaide baby pregnancy massagegifts for pregnant mums adelaidegifts for pregnant mums adelaide




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